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LWFT President’s Report, Spring 2016

I hope to use this LWFT website to start having brief, but more frequent communication with LWTech Faculty on important issues. Briefer than this, anyway. Lots to catch up on. Please bookmark


The first concern at this time is that Faculty do NOT use the college email for Federation (union) matters. Announcements of general informational nature are permitted, but the feedback and discussion that follows can easily be problematic. Please respond if necessary to If you give permission to use your home


Public Records request for personal info

Dear President,

I am writing to alert you to a potential serious threat to our members and organization. The Freedom Foundation (FF) has begun Public Records requests of Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) member information at numerous colleges and state agencies. (Click here to see WFSE’s press release.) They are seeking personal information, such as dates of birth! While we are not aware of any such requests made for our member information, we must take steps to ensure we at least minimize, and better yet eliminate, the damage done should such requests be made.  [More]

Letter sent to LWTech Administration, requesting they use the option to notify the Federation.

AFT Washington Legislative Agenda

As background to the collaborative efforts on compensation by LWTech, the State Board (SBCTC), the college Presidents' Council (WACTC), the state Faculty Association (FACTC) and various Legislators siupportive of Higher Ed, please see AFT Washington's Legislative Agenda.

This is the fall 2013 federation newsletter.fall_2013_newsletter.pdf