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Vote: constitutional change to LWFT officer terms

Presidents Report to Faculty –
LWFT Members please vote to extend officer terms

​Vote here this week:

This is a difficult dilemma. As you can read in the updated Bargaining status report (attached), we will not be able to ratify the new contract this quarter as we hoped. So a contract vote will be held in the Fall. We’re still working this week on many of the details, agreements and memoranda of understandings that need to be in place for the fiscal year on July 1st. That means a vote for next year’s Federation officers is just impossible in this final week – the AFT prefers paper ballots or a supervised online system that would take too long.
I’ve discussed with the incumbent officers and most of the E-Board a simple solution. AFT also recommends two year terms for stability. That would take a change to our local Constitution, which we could do by an online vote.
Your current slate of officers would, if the change is made, continue to serve until June 30, 2017, unless the E-Board decides on elections at the time of a Contract ratification.
President               Jim Howe
Vice President      Barry Robinson
Secretary               Wes Mantooth
Treasurer               Scarlet Kendrick
At Large                  Doug Rupik
At Large (adjunct) Mikal Steinbacher
Other E-Board members selected by Divisions in the Fall.
Nolan Koreski is an E-Board member by virtue of being the current President Emeritus, so is not affected by the term change. He has agreed to monitor, verify and report the results of a Survey Monkey vote on the Constitution change in term lengths.
Read the full President's Report and Bargaining update:

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